Maintaining business continuity is critical to ensure that any disruptions are minimized. Businesses need to be aware of any potential changes to external environment. It is imperative to have a robust IT infrastructure that supports digitization, automation and data analytics.

Sustained outcomes happen when you bring together a strategy clearly linked to value and differentiating capabilities. Many businesses have struggles to maintain their momentum, while others have thrived by adapting to the changing market conditions.

By taking a proactive approach and investing in the right resources and strategies, businesses in India can thrive during and beyond the transformation period. Having a strategic vision for where you are going next can be a challenge. The key to success in India’s business ecosystem is to stay innovative, agile and customer-focused.

Getting business transformation right and sustainable requires more than the traditional A to B roadmap. So how can a business maintain traction & navigate through ambiguity?

A collation of 5 major trends:

  • Evolving platforms & accelerated digital adoption
  • Social responsibility, Sustainability
  • Focus on Customer Experience
  • Smart Operations
  • Collaboration & Partnerships


3:20 PM onwards
  • 3:20 PM – 3:30 PM

    Welcome Address

    By Shalil Gupta, Business Head, Mosaic Digital

  • 3:30 PM – 3:50 PM

    Fireside Chat: Being resilient when and where it matters (Risk + Agility + Trust)

    This concise and refined theme captures the essence of adapting and thriving in the face of adversity. It inspires and equips attendees with the tools and mindset necessary to navigate the ever-changing business landscape. Through engaging speakers and thought-provoking discussions, participants will learn how to cultivate resilience, embrace change, and emerge stronger than before. This keynote theme seeks to empower individuals and organizations to embrace transformation and seize new opportunities in an ever-evolving business world.

    Shalil Gupta, Business Head, Mosaic Digital in conversation with Rajesh Jain, MD & CEO, Lacoste-India

  • 3:50 PM – 3:55 PM

    Whitepaper Release: Manufacturing Industry in India: Getting ready for the next big leap

  • 3:55 PM – 4:25 PM

    Panel Discussion: Born in the cloud: Charting the future transformation roadmap

    Quenching an opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape. An engaging panel on how businesses can chart their roadmap for a successful business transformation. Exploring the impact of cloud technology on enterprise operations and learn about key strategies and best practices for leveraging the cloud to drive innovation, agility, and competitiveness. Gain valuable perspectives from speakers who have embraced the cloud as the foundation for their transformation journey.

    Sandeep K Dewangan
    , President & Group CIO, Safexpress Private Limited
    Gagandeep Singh, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce
    Kaustubh Dabral
    , Global CIO, Dabur India Limited

    Moderator: Ashwin Moduga, Head - Research, Mosaic Digital

  • 4:25 PM – 4:50 PM

    Networking Break

  • 4:50 PM – 5:10 PM

    Fireside Chat: Future of CX: Navigating the Hyper-Connected experience Landscape

    In today's hyper-connected world, customer experience (CX) is evolving at an unprecedented pace, forcing businesses to adapt or risk being left behind. Speakers will share their insights on the future of CX and how businesses can transform to meet the demands of the changing landscape. Identify and chart the latest trends, technologies, and strategies that will help organizations thrive in the hyper-connected experience landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

    Pavan Chavvakula
    , Chief Operating Officer - Business Transformation, Apollo Health 
    Anamika Chatterjee, Lead Customer Service-Retail Finance, Hero Fincorp

    Moderator: Shalil Gupta, Business Head, Mosaic Digital

  • 5:10 PM – 5:40 PM

    Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation as a Strategy for Sustainability

    Digital transformation has emerged as a vital strategy for businesses seeking to achieve sustainability goals. This panel discussion will explore how organizations are leveraging digital technologies to drive environmental, social, and economic sustainability, while concurrently enhancing their operational efficiency, customer experience, and overall business performance. Use cases, technologies, and best practices, highlighting the potential synergies between digital transformation and sustainable development.

    Sandeep Chandna
    , Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra
    Jainee Nathwani, Head CSR & Sustainability, United Breweries Ltd.

    Moderator: Ashwin Moduga, Head - Research, Mosaic Digita

  • 5:40 PM – 5:50 PM

    Closing Note

  • 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM


  • 7:30 PM – Onwards

    Awards Night

9:30 AM onwards
  • 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM

    Roundtable Discussions

  • 11:30 AM – Onwards

    Closing Note


Awards Categories


  • Process Efficiency
  • Cost Optimization
  • Automation
  • Quality Transformation
  • Connected Assets & Products
  • Customer Experience


  • Partnerships & Alliances
  • Cross Industry Collaboration
  • Scalability to Transform
  • Agile Development Methodologies
  • Product Lifecycle Development


  • New Markets
  • Product & Service Augmentation
  • New Products & Service Introduction


  • Workforce Transformation
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Planning & Governance
  • Best Practices
  • Reduction in Carbon Footprint
  • Recycling and Repackaging


  • Data Driven Insights
  • Trust & Security
  • Digital Technology Platforms

Important Timelines:

  • Awards & Nomination Process Begins- 12-Jul-23
  • Last Date of Nominations Submission- 20-Aug-23
  • Grand Jury to initiate the evaluation- 01-Sep-23
  • Event Night- 13-14 Oct-23



Rajesh Jain

MD & CEO, Lacoste-India

Sandeep Chandna

Chief Sustainability Officer, Tech Mahindra

Sandeep K Dewangan

President & Group CIO, Safexpress Private Limited

Pavan Chavvakula

Chief Operating Officer - Business Transformation, Apollo Health

Gagandeep Singh

Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

Jainee Nathwani

Head - CSR & Sustainability, United Breweries Ltd.

Anamika Chatterjee

Lead Customer Service-Retail Finance, Hero Fincorp

Kaustubh Dabral

Global CIO, Dabur India Limited

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